Gemma designs and makes exclusive handmade jewellery from her studio situated in the Suffolk countryside.

After completing her studies at the renowned Sir John Cass University and then working for several well known and established jewellers, she now has her own collection.

Gemma Clarke Design Profile

Inspired by organic forms and textures, she explores these influences in silver, using 18ct gold, pearls and vibrant semi-precious stones to capture and reveal the beauty in the natural world around us. She brings these elements together to produce work that is highly wearable, yet reflective of her creative expression.

To order or enquire about anything, please contact Gemma for further details.

07794 248270

Gemma Clarke Design WorkshopSTOCKISTS

Stockists are carefully selected across the UK to showcase current work and the extensive range of products

  • Pippin – Stock By Nayland, Essex
  • Jessica Muir – Suffolk
  • Katerina Jeweller’s Gallery – Horsham
  • Victoria Stewart – Plymouth
  • Plush Jewellery – Chichester
  • Kalo Copntemporary Jewellery – Glasgow
  • Trelyon Gallery – St Ives
  • Jam & Eton Applied Arts – Windsor

Gemma Clarke Design WorkshopGema Clarke Workshop


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